2009 painting

takeyour life. 120cmx150cm. acrylic on canvas

this is about the social in the city..there’s no enough social anymore. we just care of our own thing…he he no need to say hi!


even if u are the strongest kitty.200cmx200cm.acrylic on canvas,2008

we wiil die someday…even if you have 9 life like the kitty..god will send you nine angel!


promise blue sky.180cmx200cm.acrylic on canvas.2008

‘we are young generation promise blue sky to the next generation’


godfather.145cmx160cm.acrylic on canvas. 2008

godfather ‘i got no enemy’…but he was retreat by his own man..

so godfather is look like an dracula sucking by mousquito


send your self,when you dont get invitation.130cmx180cm,acrylic on canvas,2009

‘go! go! dont waiting!


menthok of stock.145cmx160cm.acrylic on canvas,2009

got no stock because the rain,,,,and fload he he….



1 Response to 2009 painting

  1. pethek says:

    gas,km memang seniman islami dan berbakti pada negara,tapi mesum,hahahahhahaha,………….

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