scupture and Installation

Tittle : “anti gravitasi”.interactive live video installation.medium variable.2009

i see a lot things not in the right place…no garvitation rule…everything can became anything..

photo by piko sugianto
organize by “asian youth imagination”.

Title:.”sorry no love for today”.live video installation.medium variable.2009

this work use a wood box with one way mirror(police introgation mirror), and put the camera inside connect to the monitor behind the box,so when somebody see the mirror they doesn’t realize that they are in the monitor. so actually the audience are also make their perform in front of box. please comment if you like?

Title : “pinky and the bush” fiberglass and globe.medium variable.2009

Title :”everybody rest in peace” “YA-SIN”. fiberglass.2009

Title : “oil-blood” judight wright centre of contemporarry art brisbane.2008

– if the oil more valuable than blood so let change our blood with oil-

Tittle : “License No 1”, Art Installation, 2007

monalisa is the most copied artwork in the world so the cd/disc too….



bibit-unggul.jpgTittle : “Bibit Unggul- Good Seed”, Art Installation, 2007

Tittle : “Artist Exposed”, Art Installation, 2006

im-watching-you2007.jpg Tittle : “Im watching you”, Art Installation, 2006

Tittle : “Bangun, Pasang Kepala Mu, Lanjutkan”, Art Installation, 2006


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